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There are an endless number of ways for teams to meet and exceed the minimum required fundraising amount of $20,000!

Email about getting started on any of the following ways to fundraise. We are here to help!

Post to social media

One of the easiest and most effective ways to fundraise! Players can post their individual and/or team fundraising pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN to collect donations online.

Email friends & family

Visit your fundraising centre to send out emails to friends & family to support your campaign! We provide template emails to make this process easy.

Sell tickets to the CAN Pro-Am Luncheon

The CAN Pro-Am Luncheon will kick off the weekend festivities on Friday, January 24 at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

This is an exclusive opportunity to hear untold stories from NHL Alumni while enjoying first-class food and drink.

The value of the tickets sold will go towards your individual and team fundraising total. Stay tuned for details and ticket info.

Team fundraising events

Host pub nights, BBQs, raffles & more!

Collect donations in-person

Ask friends, family & coworkers to support your cause in person! Download and print out our Offline Pledge Form to collect all the information that you need when doing so.

Secure corporate sponsorships

Do you have a business contact who would be interested in sponsoring the CAN Pro-Am? Send them our sponsorship package!

The value of the sponsorship will go towards your individual and team fundraising total.

Donate items to the CAN Pro-Am Online Auction

Stay tuned for the launch of our public Online Auction! Players can donate any goods or services (value of at least $50) to be auctioned off.

The value of the winning bid will then be credited to your individual and team fundraising total.

Sell CAN Weekly Hockey Draw tickets

CAN’s annual fundraiser is a fun way for hockey fans to win money while following the NHL season and supporting the cause.